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Have you mapped your website to a good sales and marketing CRM?

It is important your website is mapped to a good sales and marketing CRM that captures every lead generated product-wise from each product page of your website. Organisations can have many products or services today and that could lead to a lot of confusion if it is not classified well enough among your sales team members. A good CRM should be able to classify leads by product, by source or channel and by campaign. So that you are able to calculate how many leads or clients came from your website or the myriad campaigns Read more


Don’t have a mobile friendly website? Your business could be in serious trouble!

Getting a mobile friendly website, also known as a responsive website, should be first on your to-do list of 2015. And don’t forget mapping it to a good sales and marketing CRM for best results.responsive-website

Consider this: In India, over 40 percent of Google’s total search queries came from mobiles. Can you afford to miss out on this 40 percent that might well be your customers? Google says 61 percent of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble viewing. And, what’s even worse, 40 percent visit a competitor’s site instead.  Read more


5 questions you should ask your agency before getting your website developed.

5-questionsYour website is an investment, therefore choosing your website developer is a critical decision. You’re not just putting a project in their hands, you’re entrusting your business to them! Visitors are going to judge the quality of your business by the appearance of your website – whether your organisation is trustworthy or not. Would you want to risk handing it over to an amateur or a novice? Website development requires a team of specialists with different skill sets. So choose your website developer carefully. Exercise caution if the quote is too low – you may be saddled with a lame website that does not live up to your business. Read more


Your website – expenditure or investment?


How  important is your website for your business? Do you care how visitors to your website perceive your  business? Does your website portray your business favourably? Does it automatically capture leads in a CRM? Can the visitors view your website on all devices? Do you view your website as expenditure or an investment?  Think about it – these are questions that determine the quality of your website, and whether or not it works. Your attitude towards business from the the Internet is reflected in the website you get!

Unfortunately, a lot of websites fail. Read more


Advertising in trying times – beating Recession

advertising-in-trying-times-surviving-recession-The R-word whispered ominously among the businesses across the world, as people waited with bated breath for it to be over, has now become a house guest who refuses to leave. The much dreaded double dip has become a hard reality. The highlight of recent data released of British economy was avoidance of an unwanted historic first — the first triple-dip recession in British economic history. In the prevailing recessionary conditions, one among the many questions faced by a business is – to advertise or not to advertise?

Read more


Content Marketing – old wine in a new bottle

content-marketing-old-wine-in-a-new-bottle1-150x150Are you daunted by the term ‘content marketing‘? It’s the new buzzword  in marketing strategy and everyone’s talking about it. Do you wonder if you will ever understand content marketing strategy well enough to be able to use it to your advantage?

Well, the fact is that content marketing is vintage stuff! It has been around a long time – even as far back as the early 1900s. Surprised? It’s true – people have been marketing content for ages without knowing that it was content marketing that they were doing! I came across an interesting story that illustrates this. Read more


Paid Search doesn’t work for big brands but ideal for small & medium enterprises

GoogleIf you are the digital marketing manager of a big brand, then this is going to hit you hard. All the money that you have been spending on Google PPC had little or no impact on your overall traffic and sales. According to  a recent eBay study, for well-known brands like eBay, the efficacy of search engine marketing (SEM) is limited at best because people clicked on eBay’s organic links to reach their website. But when it comes to small and medium enterprises Read more


Content Marketing – helping customers make informed purchase decisions

fishImagine you manufacture a product that you want to sell but are not allowed to advertise. ‘What??!’,  you might exclaim, ‘Not allowed to advertise? How are we to let people know about our product and it’s benefits?’

The India office of a leading,   global health-care  company approached us with exactly the same problem. They manufacture intraocular lenses that are surgically implanted, which they were not allowed to advertise — Medical Council of India disallows advertising of non-OTC products. Read more


Search Engine Marketing crucial for small and medium businesses

search-engine-marketing-300x210If you are reading this article, chances are you’re either an entrepreneur or a marketing professional in a small or medium company who realises the importance of Internet marketing today; You are looking to grow your business and understand that traditional marketing methods are becoming both ineffective and expensive Read more


Turn conversations into conversions, the Social Media way!

Social-Media-band-wagonHow many times have you asked your friends or colleagues for feedback on a product that you intended buying? Or asked which brand of that product they used? I do it every time I’m making an important purchase. Like the time I wanted to buy a dishwasher.
I asked a friend who had one, and she gave me such a glowing report of the particular brand of dishwasher she had, that I went ahead and bought it without making any more inquiries. Read more

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