Madhumita Banerjee

Madhumita Banerjee

Madhumita Banerjee, an MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, (FMS), full time, Delhi University, heads Ebony & Ivory, an advertising agency accredited with the INS. She is also the founding director of Abhiyan Marketing Services (P) Limited, an associate communications design and marketing services company. She worked at key positions with The Times of India and HCL Groups before venturing out on her own in 1994.

Advertising in trying times – beating Recession

advertising-in-trying-times-surviving-recession-The R-word whispered ominously among the businesses across the world, as people waited with bated breath for it to be over, has now become a house guest who refuses to leave. The much dreaded double dip has become a hard reality. The highlight of recent data released of British economy was avoidance of an unwanted historic first — the first triple-dip recession in British economic history. In the prevailing recessionary conditions, one among the many questions faced by a business is – to advertise or not to advertise?

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Search Engine Marketing crucial for small and medium businesses

search-engine-marketing-300x210If you are reading this article, chances are you’re either an entrepreneur or a marketing professional in a small or medium company who realises the importance of Internet marketing today; You are looking to grow your business and understand that traditional marketing methods are becoming both ineffective and expensive Read more

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