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Have you mapped your website to a good sales and marketing CRM?

It is important your website is mapped to a good sales and marketing CRM that captures every lead generated product-wise from each product page of your website. Organisations can have many products or services today and that could lead to a lot of confusion if it is not classified well enough among your sales team members. A good CRM should be able to classify leads by product, by source or channel and by campaign. So that you are able to calculate how many leads or clients came from your website or the myriad campaigns Read more

Don’t have a mobile friendly website? Your business could be in serious trouble!

Getting a mobile friendly website, also known as a responsive website, should be first on your to-do list of 2015. And don’t forget mapping it to a good sales and marketing CRM for best results.responsive-website

Consider this: In India, over 40 percent of Google’s total search queries came from mobiles. Can you afford to miss out on this 40 percent that might well be your customers? Google says 61 percent of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble viewing. And, what’s even worse, 40 percent visit a competitor’s site instead.  Read more

5 questions you should ask your agency before getting your website developed.

5-questionsYour website is an investment, therefore choosing your website developer is a critical decision. You’re not just putting a project in their hands, you’re entrusting your business to them! Visitors are going to judge the quality of your business by the appearance of your website – whether your organisation is trustworthy or not. Would you want to risk handing it over to an amateur or a novice? Website development requires a team of specialists with different skill sets. So choose your website developer carefully. Exercise caution if the quote is too low – you may be saddled with a lame website that does not live up to your business. Read more

Your website – expenditure or investment?


How  important is your website for your business? Do you care how visitors to your website perceive your  business? Does your website portray your business favourably? Does it automatically capture leads in a CRM? Can the visitors view your website on all devices? Do you view your website as expenditure or an investment?  Think about it – these are questions that determine the quality of your website, and whether or not it works. Your attitude towards business from the the Internet is reflected in the website you get!

Unfortunately, a lot of websites fail. Read more

To lead a successful enterprise, creativity top requirement, say CEOs

Creative-illustration-for-blogTo become a successful enterprise of the future, organisations big and small will need to have creativity as the number one factor among its people.

In a global survey of more than 1500 CEO’s, it turns out that creativity, even more than vision, is the most crucial leadership trait for success in an increasingly complex world. Read more

Is your website in urgent need of a redesign?

time-for-website-reviewYour website is the first point of contact a viewer has with your business. Does it grab and capture the viewer’s interest at first sight? The decision to stay or hit the back-button could be decided in the first few seconds of viewing your page. Visitors judge your business by your website and also decide whether or not to buy from you. It is therefore important to review your website from your visitor’s point of view. How would you rate your website on the 3 parameters of design , functionality and content? Read more

10 pitfalls that make visitors to your website uncomfortable

banner-manYou’ve invested substantial time and money to make your website as attractive and informative as possible hoping that your website draws potential customers in. But once they are there, does your website make them comfortable? If potential customers have an enjoyable user experience, they will stay longer, view more pages, place more orders and keep coming back.

Look at your website again from your visitors’ point of view. Read more

Why you should also have a website in Hindi

caricatre-imageLast month I was in Hyderabad. I went to a tea stall and said, “Ek cup chai dena.” “Okati?”, the tea stall owner responded. Perplexed, I repeated my request for a cup of tea. “Okati?”, he asked me again. I got up and looked for some other tea stall. Actually, he was just confirming the order – ‘Okati’ in Telugu means one, which I learned much later! But the tea stall owner had lost one potential customer Read more

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