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Why you should also have a website in Hindi

caricatre-imageLast month I was in Hyderabad. I went to a tea stall and said, “Ek cup chai dena.” “Okati?”, the tea stall owner responded. Perplexed, I repeated my request for a cup of tea. “Okati?”, he asked me again. I got up and looked for some other tea stall. Actually, he was just confirming the order – ‘Okati’ in Telugu means one, which I learned much later! But the tea stall owner had lost one potential customer because he was not communicating in his customer’s language.

Now replace the tea stall owner with your website. Are you losing potential customers because your website is not communicating in their language?

Language is the most important tool of communication. Your website may be perfect on all parameters but is it able to communicate with potential customers in their language? When they visit your website do they consider it a waste of time because it is in English? If this is so, then you might be losing business.

Hindi readers — the largest target audience
According to the 2011 census, more than 30 percent of the population speaks, reads and writes Hindi. In figures, this translates to around 40 crore people spread across 8 states!

One of the criteria to judge the size of your potential customer base is newspaper readership (number of people reading one copy of the newspaper multiplied by number of copies sold). The list of top ten newspapers in India has four newspapers in English and three newspapers in Hindi. But the readership of these three Hindi newspapers is at least six times more than the readership of the four English dailies!

Hindi channels — most viewed
When 24-hour entertainment channels started beaming English shows and soaps in the mid nineties, they became the rage and were discussed in every drawing room, magazines even newspapers. But that’s all in the past and it’s the Hindi Saas-Bahu serials that rule the roost now. In fact the Hindi speaking segment of viewers accounts for such a large slice of the pie that it just cannot be ignored. Most infotainment channels such as Discovery and National Geographic as well as cartoon and some movie channels now offer the Hindi language option aimed at the Hindi audience.

The largest customer segment of the middle class
After the opening up of the economy and the Sixth Pay Commission report was implemented, the Indian middle class quickly grew to become the largest customer group. The purchasing power of the middle class has increased manifold, and it is the Hindi reading and speaking people that form the largest part of this middle class. China too has been quick to recognize India as a big market and has started Hindi courses in some of its universities, to help expand business in India!

Get your Hindi website today
So why ignore Hindi? Reach out to potential Hindi reading customers through a Hindi website and watch your business flourish!

Look for a good language agency, which can translate your website in easily-readable Hindi. A word of caution – avoid translations by agencies which handle government websites, as even Hindi readers shy away from reading their content! This is where we introduce Abhiyan, a website design company with a strong Hindi editorial team to provide end-to-end solutions. It not only designs great looking websites but also translates complex content into Hindi lucidly, to help transcreate your existing English website!
Neeraj Kumar
Senior Journalist with experience in national channels like NDTV, Aaj Tak and newspapers like Nav Bharat Times and Sunday Mail.


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