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CRM – the super-efficient organiser for all your inbound marketing!

People Asking Questions in Speech Bubbles Seeking SupportHave you ever felt utterly swamped by the leads your business generates? You’ve assigned them to your sales team, but have no clue about which stage of the sales pipeline they are in. Have your new leads been contacted, how many are serious about buying, how many have bought, which of your sales guys have successfully closed deals, what was your ROI? Whew! You are overwhelmed and can’t think straight! You feel the same when you open a cupboard that you’ve been stuffing, thinking you will soon organise it. Everything tumbles out in a heap of confusion, and you don’t know where to start! Disorganisation of this kind is not going to do your business any good. Think about the number of prospective customers you might lose if you do not follow up leads on time, or worse still, you lose the leads!

But don’t fret – with a good CRM system in place, you can have a place for everything and everything in its place!

Inbound marketing – your lead generator
As more and more businesses turn to inbound marketing, data and lead management become all the more important. With every SEM campaign that you run, or newsletter you send, or engaging article you post on a blog, you pull prospective customers to your website. When they leave their name, email id or contact number, you know they are interested. You have got leads!

If you are able to address their needs or pain areas and offer solutions that benefit them, these prospective buyers will at some point make a purchase. But here’s the catch. To be able to give them what they want, you should know first what they want and came looking for. If you have just one product, its simple. But if you have a host of products or services on offer, how will you know which product/service they were interested in?  How will you know which of your search marketing advertisements or newsletters or mailers or articles brought in the leads? You need this information to organise and sort out your leads product or service-wise, communication-wise, Internet channel-wise, so that you can nurture them. Remember, just having leads is not enough – you have to nurture them to be able to convert them!  Here’s where a good CRM helps.

CRM – your lead organiser
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager. It’s a data management software that  helps you easily manage and keep track of details about your leads, prospective customers, and all your existing customers and clients. It helps you understand your customer demographics – it can tell you which route a particular lead came from, the geographical location, which customers might make a repeat purchase, and much more.  In short, a good CRM system has the ability to segment your data any way you like!

If it is cloud based, you can access it from any device, anywhere,  and anytime,  so long as you are connected to the internet.

Benefits of CRM
Your CRM stores all the information about your business activity in one place. The advantage is that everyone in your organisation can easily and quickly  access this any time they want, wherever they are. It eliminates the need to duplicate information for each department and you don’t have to request colleagues for any data you might require. Imagine the time and effort you save!

  • CRM sorts and organises your database.
  • This, in turn, assists you in carrying out your inbound marketing – you could use this segmented list to target a specific group for an email marketing campaign.
  • CRM allows you to track the results of your campaigns – responses to your emails can be marked against the relevant contacts.
  • These results give you a report on how effective your campaigns were – this helps you calculate the ROI of your marketing efforts
  • CRM helps you nurture your leads –  you close deals faster because of quicker responses to your leads.
  • Your customer service improves because you are able to respond faster – this  cements relationships with your customers and increases their loyalty.
  • You are able to streamline and run your business more efficiently because your data is organised – everything you need to know is at your fingertips!

Remember, your database is your most valuable asset – one that must be given all the attention and care it deserves. Take good care of your database and it will take good care of your business! Get your CRM system in place – you will wonder how you ever did without it!

So are you ready to grab the opportunity and may be change your the way you have been selling? Visit Sales Rambo, an affordable sales and marketing CRM for SMEs, take a free trial for 2 weeks and it will change the way you do business forever!

sadhana_karnad_picSadhana Karnad is a research writer at Abhiyan, where she develops engaging content that builds thought leadership and revenue opportunities for clients. A  website critic, she reviews Internet properties in terms of design and content. Reach Sadhana via LinkedIn.
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